策略 & 设计



With more than 20 years of experience, our in-house design strategy 和 UX firm, 其他Left, has helped Fortune 500 companies 和 startups launch innovative 数字 产品. 我们以用户为中心,以研究为导向的设计过程确保我们发现 和 验证用户的实际需求. 我们总是先问:“我们有什么问题? 试图解决?". 我们使用用户研究、旅程地图和原型来验证我们的产品 assumptions 和 clearly define the 解决方案 in terms of what you should do, not what you 能做的. This approach significantly reduces project risk around budget 和 timeline 和 ensures that the product solves the right problem 和 truly meets the business's needs.

让我们帮你搬家吧 从 可以到应该.


产品开发失败的原因有很多. 可能是因为利益相关者缺乏一致性, underestimating the total effort needed, lack of a clear product decision-maker, or failure to 适当地识别已证实的和假定的用户需求. 失败可能意味着推迟发射 your product, wasting massive time 和 capital, or even the loss of your startup.


资讯科技项目 没有达到他们的目标.
资讯科技项目 超出预算.
资讯科技项目 我们交货晚了.


我们的产品 strategy specialists will help you identify who all of your stakeholders are — 从 the principles in your company, sales staff, customer service, the 结束-user, 和 even your 供应商. 我们会帮你实现他们的期望.


We'll help you properly estimate the total effort that building a new product will actually take. Most companies t结束 to underestimate, which could throw off the timing of your product launch 营销活动.


Without a decision-maker, it will become very difficult to meet your team's initially targeted 电竞赛事竞猜APP表. 为了避免陷入审批循环,我们将明确地帮助您 在项目开始之前定义角色.


Don't risk the entire success of your project by assuming what your customers need. 我们的产品 strategy experts will adequately research your stakeholders' proven needs to ensure the return 你所期望的投资和效率收益.



Starting with a great idea 和 immediately rushing to production will almost always 最终得到一个难以使用的产品. 没有适当的尽职调查和研究 identify the market problem, create a 解决方案 design, 和 build a list of requirements 和 user 故事,你的产品很可能无法达到它的目标. 我们以人为本的设计 approach is a left-to-right process that works to bring clarity 和 untangle all of the 开发开始前的困惑.



We start by defining the market problem, which begins by identifying who the stakeholders are 和 reconciling their vision of how to solve the problem to what the 结束-users actually need. 我们所做的 this by creating a problem statement to really underst和 the problem we're 试图解决.


Now it's time to get into the 解决方案 design by doing design research to underst和 their real 需求和他们的观点. 这包括创建线框图、产品架构和 design research so that everyone can walk away in agreement with a well-documented concrete 解决方案.


最后, we look at a list of beneficial requirements 和 user stories that clearly tell the developers what to do 和 what the acceptance criteria are. 在这一点上,我们开始开发. It's not a perfectly straight line, but we're nowhere near the tangled confusion at the beginning.


清除了几乎所有的困惑之后,我们就可以开始开发了. 总有一些事情 that has to change at this point, but now you can get into smooth configuration testing 和 随时调整. 不久之后,你就可以顺利推出一款易于使用的产品 结束.


We help businesses every day take all they 能做的 和 figure out what they should do. 我们的工作 is to research 和 document how your users think 和 then create visuals 和 产品 that help 他们的日常生活. 我们与初创公司和大型组织合作,帮助他们思考 through what problem they're 试图解决 和 make sure the answer aligns with their stakeholders' 和 users' needs 和 interests to 结束 up with an easy-to-use product. 我们从 可以到应该 by clearly defining 和 designing the product before it gets developed.




设计 based on what's known at the start, 和 you could 结束 up with a product that doesn't solve 用户需求.


设计 based on what you discover with a clearly 定义问题陈述, stakeholder 访谈和用户研究.

我们的第一步 其他Left 几个版本的发现是否在一个清晰的 定义问题陈述. 如果你是一个领导者或企业家,你的主要责任是 to determine if it will be worth developing your idea into software, it is critical to be very 清楚问题所在. 这是一个特定的问题,只能通过问“那个人是谁”来解决? 他或她的痛点是什么? 无论问题是什么,与利益相关者面谈和用户 研究,我们将成功定义终端用户.




设计 for the hypothetical user/human using the product could be solving the leaders' 理解用户,而不是实际用户的问题.


设计 for exactly who will use the product by building personas 和 journey maps.

下一步是了解你要服务的人类. 即使你很清楚问题所在,并且已经建立了成本模型, 你可能犯了为假想的人类设计的错误. Often the user's problems are different 从 the leaders' underst和ing of them. It's very easy to lack empathy until we try to bring a very specific human to life. 避免这一步是一个严重的错误, which is why we create personas 和 journey maps of your 结束-users to build empathy for a real person.




Get "buy-in" to an idea to build a technology product, but then stakeholders may be imagining 不同于那个产品的解决方案.


Clearly design the product to lay eyes before development begins by creating wireframes, design 和原型.

To ensure your product is the right one 和 there's a market for it, we clearly design the product using wireframes 和 design comps so that everyone can lay eyes on it before development 甚至存在. With these wireframes 和 design comps, we can make a clickable prototype that 开始感觉像应用程序本身. 这样的东西修起来很快. 现在你有了 really good sense of what the product itself is going to do, 和 you can make pivots without 让你的公司进行昂贵的重建.




Set a budget for a product, h和 it off to development with the information available, 和 hope 为了最好. But there's no way to know if the investment will solve the problem at h和 or 产生预期的影响. 你甚至不知道你的产品是属于你的还是属于你的 用户的想法.


Have defined what problem you're 试图解决, what all stakeholders need in a 解决方案, whom you're building for, 和 precisely what will be built with user stories, prioritized product 路线图和技术战略.

Often user experience design 和 product design silo themselves away 从 forming a 技术合作关系. 这最终成为最昂贵的错误之一,因为这个过程 内容聚合的问题没有得到充分的考虑. 重要的是要确定每个 piece of information is coming 从, what the process of aggregating it is, 和 whose 负责收集. 只有经历了这个过程,你才能正确地估计如何 这要花很多时间.